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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Forecast Maps & Meteograms

I just realized that I've never posted links to the forecasts I've been doing for the past several months. Here are a few of them. At these locations, the National Weather Service has helping me by comparing the forecasts to observations. In some cases (e.g., Guam), they have been driving around and taking measurements there. I love working with meteorologists around the country, especially when it involves temperature measurements.

Eventually I plan to make maps like this for every major city in America (and the world?), and they will be free, supported by advertising. I just need a few more computers in order to do that. I'm really hoping that 8 or 16 core processors are available soon so I can do more of these on a single computer.

Norman, OK

Reno, NV


San Juan, PR

Oxnard, CA

East Norman


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous andy v said...

There's some pretty sweet multi-proc servers out there -


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