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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tornado hits Summit Lakes!

Last night, a tornado hit the Summit Lakes neighborhood. A house was severely damaged a few hundred feet from my lot, and a lot of fences and trees were down, but otherwise there was not much damage.

Earlier in the day, I set up 7 temperature sensors around Summit Lakes to study the microclimates of my new neighborhood. One of my sensors was in the direct path of the tornado! The timing was amazing, because I wasn't even expecting severe weather there that night, and the last time I set up these sensors was when I was in Puerto Rico.

Here is a picture of the tornado as seen from the National Weather Center, courtesy of Derek Stratman. I saw the same thing but it was almost on top of me and I didn't get a picture.

Here is a map of my sensors, the storm motion, and the location of the worst damage:

(by the way, Site #3 is in the back yard of my new lot)

And here is a picture of the worst damage:

Thankfully, my Site #1 was still there when I collected it today. There was tree damage all around it, so it might've taken a direct hit! I've just started looking at the data and it is pretty interesting! Unfortunately, I was only measuring temperature.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger MWalvoord said... the plans for your house include a tornado shelter, right?


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