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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Collection Notice

My phone, cable TV, and internet all come from Cox, the cable company. They've always been on separate bills until a couple months ago when they were combined to be on the same bill with an automatic payment plan. However, they did not transfer the remaining balance on one of the old bills to the new one.

Today I received a notice from Cox saying that my account is "seriously past due" and scheduled to be turned over to their collection agency. The amount I owe... 14 cents!!!!

I of course don't want to hurt my credit over 14 cents, but I don't think it's worth a $0.41 stamp to send in a check for $0.14. It's also not worth the gas money (around $1.50) to drive across town to pay it in person. Of course, it probably cost them a lot more than $0.14 to send me the notice.

I think I'll pay it in person next time I'm on the west side of town. I'd like to pay it with 14 pennies. Or should I give them a $0.14 money order or cashier's check instead?

I wonder what would happen if I send them a check for only $0.13.