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Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 Reasons why I am an Atheist: #6

"All holy books (and especially the Jewish-Christian Bible) are, upon careful examination, found to be full of error, conflict, superstition, repetition, and general nonsense."

1. If the Bible is found to be in error on some things, it should not be trusted regarding the existence of God.
2. The Bible is full of errors.

Compelling reason

I could try to challenge Assumption #2, but there's no way I could resolve that here. I'm tempted to say "man-made religious books are irrelevant to the existence of God". But since I defined these discussions as about the Christian God, the accuracy of Bible is certainly important. Errors in the Bible would call into question its teachings about who God is and even whether he exists at all. So unless Assumption #2 is disproved (and I have not disproved it here), this is a compelling reason not to believe in the Christian God. It's not conclusive (lots of people would take issue with Assumption #2 and even #1), but it warrants further examination and should not be dismissed.

So in the bottom 5, we had 3 red herrings, one based on a false assumption, and one compelling reason. The top 5 should be better.


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